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  • Palo Alto Unified School District

    Palo Alto Unified School District

    • Distinguished California school district serves 11,000+ students and staff
    • Deployed over 600 Meraki APs, covering 18 schools, sites, and offices
    • Layer 7 traffic shaping enables support of high-density classroom environments
  • Montefiore Medical Center

    Montefiore Medical Center

    • Cloud-based platform enables multi-site management over three medical divisions
    • 150 Meraki APs provide full wireless coverage across all patient and guest areas
    • Over 8,500 distinct users access the network and transfer over 1.6 TB each month
  • Monterey Jazz Festival

    Monterey Jazz Festival

    • Longest running jazz festival in the world features the legendary acts over 3 days
    • Festival's first-ever WiFi-enabled event used Meraki for staff and guest networks
    • Robust, outdoor network outdoor transferred over 10GB of data to 35,000+ attendees
  • Applebee’s


    • Multiple franchisees deploy Meraki APs in 200+ Applebee’s nationwide
    • Meraki’s built-in firewall secures cardholder data, ensuring PCI compliance
    • Eliminated separate Internet connection for guest WiFi, resulting in cost-savings
  • Design Within Reach

    Design Within Reach

    • Meraki WiFi supports HQ, 47 stores, and warehouse for premier furniture retailer
    • Built-in stateful firewall and WPA2-Enterprise authentication ensure PCI compliance
    • Studio proprietors easily deploy plug and play access points without on-site IT
  • MIT


    • High throughput wireless network with a growing user base
    • Consistent policies across wireless and wired networks
    • Delivered an improved wireless experience while integrating into existing infrastructure
  • ZGF Architects

    ZGF Architects

    • Eighth largest architecture firm deploys Meraki wireless to branches nationwide
    • Fast installation; remote offices configured over the web with no on-site IT
    • Reliable, seamless connectivity improves office efficiency
  • Essex Property Trust

    Essex Property Trust

    • Cloud managed WiFi streamlines property management company's multi-site network
    • Meraki MX Security Appliances enable secure site-to-site VPN
    • Network sees more than 2 TB of traffic transferred weekly
  • Halperns'


    • Top-quality food company deploys Meraki WiFi in harsh, industrial environment
    • Reliable network connectivity for handheld scanners and computers
    • Cloud management enables multi-site WiFi without on-site IT
  • Loyola School

    Loyola School

    • Independent New York City college prep high school with 200 students and 45 faculty
    • In-house IT team easily installed wireless network, deployed APs across 3 buildings
    • Meraki solution was one-third the cost of the nearest vendor
  • Smith, Currie & Hancock LLP

    Smith, Currie & Hancock LLP

    • Construction law firm provides seamless roaming across office wireless network
    • Isolated guest network relieves security concerns
    • Cloud-based dashboard provides over-the-web management of remote offices
  • Century Care Management

    Century Care Management

    • Multi-site nursing management company deploys HIPAA-compliant wireless network
    • Meraki dashboard makes centralized management easy, saves money and time
    • Visiting doctors and guests have secure wireless access, separate from the LAN
  • Lloydminster Public Schools

    Lloydminster Public Schools

    • Reliable, hassle-free wireless coverage for 4,000 students and 269 teachers
    • One IT person at one-quarter time manages wireless infrastructure across ten sites
    • Meraki’s cloud-managed wireless supports VLAN tagging and secure guest access
  • Foster Pepper

    Foster Pepper

    • Cloud-based network management eased burden on IT staff at multi-site law firm
    • Built-in firewall provides secure employee and guest access
    • Expanded coverage with plug and play ease; deployment took just six hours
  • Remington College

    Remington College

    • Thousands of users over 20 campuses nationwide, managed over the web centrally
    • Hassle-free deployment of wireless access points – one day for each college campus
    • Superior control and reporting functionality ease IT burden
  • Sweet Briar College

    Sweet Briar College

    • High performance Meraki APs provide coverage for 3,000 acre women's college
    • “Insanely fast” network installation with PoE and no per-AP configuration
    • Dashboard provides visibility into network performance and connected devices
  • Peet's Coffee & Tea

    Peet's Coffee & Tea

    • Artisan coffee roaster and specialty tea retailer with over 190 locations
    • Deployed Meraki APs for guest WiFi, secure VPN network using MX Security Appliances
    • Centralized management via Meraki dashboard dramatically reduces IT support load
  • Cutter & Buck

    Cutter & Buck

    • Seattle-based premier apparel company with 450 employees
    • Wireless robotic sewing machines at distribution warehouse require reliable network
    • Splash page and hosted RADIUS server simplifies guest access, easing helpdesk burden
  • American Baptist Homes of the West

    American Baptist Homes of the West

    • Zero touch site-to-site VPN connects HQ, 10 senior living communities, and 4 offices
    • Replacing MPLS with Meraki MXs increases network visibility, decreases complexity
    • Meraki offers single-pane view for wireless and wired networks
  • Florida Coastal School of Law

    Florida Coastal School of Law

    • Rapidly growing high-tech law school needs scalable wireless solution
    • 70 APs deployed in one day with no downtime for users
    • Cloud-managed wireless offers built-in redundancy without requiring on-site support
  • Priefert Manufacturing

    Priefert Manufacturing

    • Ranch equipment manufacturing plant covers 700,000 sq foot campus with wireless
    • Meraki wireless coverage across 4 large warehouses streamlines transition to ERP
    • Mobile tablets and scanners on forklifts easily managed by Meraki dashboard
  • Benton Community Schools

    Benton Community Schools

    • School district deploys Meraki WiFi to support 1:1 laptop initiative
    • Meraki APs increase network capacity and improve reliability for new devices
    • Meraki platform provides centralized management over networks across district sites
  • Universidad de las Américas Puebla

    Universidad de las Américas Puebla

    • Meraki access points provide seamless and reliable coverage a massive campus
    • Complaints about the performance of the University’s WiFi fall to zero
    • Meraki enables the University to prevent unauthorized guests onto the network
  • Linkbynet


    • IT Management company rolls out BYOD initiative across worldwide office locations
    • Improved network security by segmenting groups of users into different SSIDs
    • Entire network configured via the dashboard before the APs were deployed
  • Clifton College

    Clifton College

    • Wireless coverage for almost 1,500 pupils across historic, thick stoned college wall
    • Over 1,000 devices seen on the wireless networks in first 3 months
    • Intuitive Meraki dashboard enables zero dedicated staff to manage wireless network
  • Capital FM Arena

    Capital FM Arena

    • Premier UK concert venue deploys secure WiFi for guests, staff, and performers
    • Entire network managed simply and intuitively through the Meraki dashboard
    • Nearly instant configuration of AP settings, even without on-site IT support
  • Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp

    Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp

    • Meraki APs provide seamless museum-wide coverage, supporting staff and visitors
    • Cloud based dashboard simplifies maintenance for part-time IT Manager
    • Deployment completed in two days with multiple SSIDs and layer 7 application firewal
  • CafePress


    • Customizable e-commerce site provides wireless for offices and production facility
    • Multiple SSIDs provide security and flexibility across different environments
    • Cost of ownership and maintenance significantly reduced with reliable roaming
  • Oswestry School

    Oswestry School

    • Historic, independent boarding school for 450 pupils served by 79 APs & 19 switches
    • Controller-less solution inclusive of tech support provides significant cost saving
    • Meraki’s web-based dashboard allows the network to be managed by one IT Technician
  • Zürs Ski Resort

    Zürs Ski Resort

    • 45 indoor and outdoor Meraki APs create an extensive resort-wide network
    • Meraki’s automatic meshing keeps cables to a minimum, simplifying outdoor deployment
    • Meraki dashboard provides simplified management, including monitoring and alerts
  • Wellington College

    Wellington College

    • Meraki APs provide coverage across 400-acre campus, supporting 1,500+ clients daily
    • Meraki platform is more affordable and easier to manage than traditional solutions
    • Integrated Layer 7 application visibility provides insight and control over network
  • Mimeo


    • Innovative on-demand printing company operates over 200,000 sq ft of print capacity
    • iPod Touches used in operations to scan every single product that is produced
    • IT administrator manages over 500 iPods, Macs, and PCs from the Meraki dashboard
  • ClueCon


    • 200+ highly technical conference attendees, each with multiple wireless devices
    • Network transferred 34.6 GB down and 8.76 GB up with no downtime
    • Rate-limiting keeps data load within venue's 8 Mbps backhaul limit
  • Vernon College

    Vernon College

    • Multi-campus community college with 3,200 students and 275 employees
    • Open WiFi network for students and guests; secure, higher bandwidth access for staff
    • Dashboard enables centralized management of switches and APs across 3 campuses
  • Cirencester College

    Cirencester College

    • Beacon status sixth-form college rolls out full WiFi coverage across 14-acre campus
    • 100+ Meraki wireless APs installed in 2 weeks
    • 1,800 students plus staff enjoy fast, reliable WiFi connectivity for the first time
  • Hotel Agora

    Hotel Agora

    • Meraki cloud-managed security appliance and Meraki APs provide complete solution
    • Smart load balancing between two DSL connections maximizes network uptime
    • Layer 7 Application Traffic Shaping ensures compliance with HADOPI laws
  • Bidwells


    • UK’s leading property consultants deploy Meraki APs to provide future-proof solution
    • Centralized management ensures easy monitoring of WiFi at offices across UK
    • Meraki solution saved 60% compared to other vendors
  • Burton College

    Burton College

    • 11,000+ students across 3 campuses served by 100 APs and 3 security appliances
    • College branded splash pages used for staff/student and guest login
    • Entire network managed without dedicated staff
  • Tri-Creek School Corporation

    Tri-Creek School Corporation

    • High-performance cloud managed WiFi provides reliable district-wide connectivity
    • 170 APs deployed in just minutes each, from unboxing to final configuration
    • Layer 7 application visibility provide insight into users, devices, and applications
  • Davidson County Community College

    Davidson County Community College

    • Cloud-managed WiFi and switching support 14,000+ students and BYOD for all campuses
    • Plug-and-play APs with mesh enable spontaneous creation of new learning spaces
    • One-click security configuration facilitates network segmentation
  • C&S Companies

    C&S Companies

    • Multi-site engineering company deploys secure guest WiFi to support BYOD initiatives
    • Cloud management across sites nationwide provides centralized control with low TCO
    • Built in traffic shaping and content filtering maximize bandwidth usage
  • Maplin Electronics

    Maplin Electronics

    • UK’s leading specialist electronics retailer deploys Cisco Meraki cloud managed APs
    • Installation of 400 APs across 200+ stores completed in 6 weeks
    • Cloud managed WiFi enables store teams more time on the shop floor
  • Stanford University

    Stanford University

    • Prestigious institution delivers seamless coverage, even in crowded lecture halls
    • Meraki platform enables centralized management, reducing workload for lean IT staff
    • Wireless network supports thousands of unique clients, transferring 1.3 TB monthly
  • City College of San Francisco

    City College of San Francisco

    • Multi-campus city college deploys cost-efficient WiFi to support 90,000+ students
    • Cloud management provides heightened visibility and control, saves IT staff's time
    • Thousands of clients transfer over 100 GB daily
  • Columbia Steel

    Columbia Steel

    • Steel manufacturing plant deploys a robust enterprise-class network across 20 acres
    • Reliable wireless covers facility despite signal-reflecting steel throughout plant
    • Meraki solution is rugged enough to withstand interference, environmental challenges
  • Vector Media

    Vector Media

    • Nationwide advertising company completes WiFi deployment in under an hour
    • WAN optimization saves on bandwidth costs, improves file transfer speed by 200-300%
    • Smart link bonding enables usage of multiple WAN connections, maximizing uptime
  • Westfield Malls

    Westfield Malls

    • Worldwide shopping center portfolio with 111 holdings worldwide and 23,000 retailers
    • WiFi and security appliance network covers corporate HQ and dozens of malls
    • Guest WiFi supports tens of thousands of clients per month, hundreds of GB of data.
  • Renton School District

    Renton School District

    • High performance 3-stream wireless APs support 16,000 students across 28 sites
    • Meraki dashboard simplifies management districtwide for single network admin
    • Renton saved over $1M compared to cost of traditional controller architecture
  • Alvin ISD

    Alvin ISD

    • School district serves approximately 19,000 students and over 2,500 staff
    • Cloud-managed wireless supports 1:1 and BYOD for thousands of devices
    • Cloud-based RF optimization eliminates interference in high density classrooms
  • Archipelago International Hotels, Resorts & Residences

    Archipelago International Hotels, Resorts & Residences

    • Leading Indonesian hotel chain deploys thousands of Cisco Meraki devices
    • Cloud architecture dramatically reduces troubleshooting and management labour time
    • Detailed reporting features provide concrete data to ISP to improve SLA
  • United Colors of Benetton UK

    United Colors of Benetton UK

    • Global fashion brand deploys Meraki APs at London headquarters and flagship stores
    • Centralized dashboard provides easy multi-site management and comprehensive reports
    • Integrated AP firewall enables secure employee access alongside public guest network
  • Mosaic


    • Non-profit organization with 5,000+ employees across 38 agencies in 11 states
    • Cloud-managed WiFi, switching, and security ensure HIPAA-compliant networking
    • MX security appliances provide VPN network for access to health records and HR data
  • Rainbow School District

    Rainbow School District

    • 157 Meraki APs deployed across nine high schools and central office
    • Reliable, high-performance wireless meets demand of students’ mobile devices
    • Meraki Traffic Shaper enables prioritization of learning activities on the network
  • Sullivan & McLaughlin

    Sullivan & McLaughlin

    • Electrical contractor deploys cloud-managed WiFi for job sites, trailers, and HQ
    • Zero-touch outdoor APs set up in minutes for temporary networks at harsh job sites
    • Corporate LAN with RADIUS 802.1X AD and separate guest access at HQ
  • Wild Rose Public Schools

    Wild Rose Public Schools

    • School district makes the switch to Meraki, deploying cloud-managed APs and switches
    • Meraki dashboard crucial for IT staff to manage 20 geographically distributed sites
    • 100% district coverage, for the same price as 50% coverage with traditional solution
  • Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP

    Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP

    • Law firm with 600+ employees and seven offices across the Midwest
    • iPads and other mobile devices in the workplace created need for seamless WiFi
    • Stateful firewall, rogue AP monitoring, and content filtering secure the network
  • EPIC Management

    EPIC Management

    • Healthcare management and consulting services firm deploys self-healing mesh network
    • Cloud-based management empowers one remote help desk to solve client issues
    • 802.1X authentication and virtual guest isolation protect sensitive information
  • Safety Kleen

    Safety Kleen

    • Leading provider of cleaning equipment, coolant, and re-refined oil products
    • Cloud-managed distributed network deployment spans 10 states and Canada
    • WiFi supports corporate devices and new BYOD initiative
  • Forever New

    Forever New

    • Australian retailer with 260+ stores in 11 countries supports iPad PoS initiative
    • Cisco Meraki APs in stores make network management easy across sites worldwide
    • Cisco Meraki switches offer unprecedented visibility into corporate network
  • Talbert House

    Talbert House

    • HIPAA-compliant network solution for nonprofit with 36 branches and 850 employees
    • Remote management capabilities of Cloud-based platform greatly reduce on site visits
    • Layer 7 client fingerprinting and traffic analytics help shape access policies
  • Chicago Architecture Foundation

    Chicago Architecture Foundation

    • Complete Meraki network provides a reliable, easy-to-manage solution
    • Centrally-managed WiFi network provides great coverage and seamless roaming
    • Smart link bonding between two ISPs increases capacity, uptime, and performance
  • Phoenix College

    Phoenix College

    • Meraki APs provide seamless WiFi for 12,000+ students across 3 campuses
    • Multiple SSIDs securely separate network access for different classes of users
    • IT staff has complete visibility of users and devices via web-based dashboard
  • Motel 6 and Studio 6

    Motel 6 and Studio 6

    • Leading hospitality brand operates more than 1,100 hotels across North America
    • Deployed 10,000 access points, the largest cloud-managed network on record
    • Entire deployment took just 5 months, now serves up to 35,000 guests per week
  • EAST


    • Women's fashion brand centralizes network management across 66 outlets
    • PCI-compliant solution includes firewall, WIPS, and 802.1X security out of box
    • High-performance APs support reliable, seamless coverage for iPads and other devices
  • University of Virginia

    University of Virginia

    • University research center provides wireless for 29 residential buildings
    • Single internet connection powers large mesh wireless network in rugged environment
    • Self-healing outdoor APs withstand storms, re-route traffic during connectivity loss
  • Syracuse University, London

    Syracuse University, London

    • Syracuse's London campus provides WiFi to allow study-abroad students to call home
    • 35 dual-radio APs provide reliable wireless coverage for students and staff
    • MX Security Appliances create site-to-site VPN tunnel to main Syracuse campus
  • Davidoff Malito & Hutcher LLP

    Davidoff Malito & Hutcher LLP

    • Law firm deploys deploys reliable Meraki network for 100 employees in mere hours
    • Remote office configured smoothly over the web with no on-site IT
    • Secure employee network easily isolated from Internet-only guest network
  • Bremerton School District

    Bremerton School District

    • School district in Washington serves over 5,500 students
    • Deployment of iPod Touches for classroom learning requires robust wireless connectivity
    • Cloud-based management sped deployment, lowered cost
  • Clune Construction

    Clune Construction

    • Unified wireless network enables seamless mobility for multi-site construction firm
    • Plug and play APs with mesh routing facilitate fast deployment at remote job sites
    • Reliable WiFi supports heavy file transfer on mobile devices
  • Sterling Autobody

    Sterling Autobody

    • Centralized network management for nationwide collision repair with 60+ locations
    • Segregated SSIDs ensure security on corporate, guest and individual machine networks
    • Integrated MDM provides visibility and quick troubleshooting for shop devices
  • Westmont College

    Westmont College

    • Liberal arts college blankets 111 acre campus with wireless for over 1,100 students
    • 1,500 clients access Meraki network each day, transferring over 180GB of data
    • Limited IT staff troubleshoots connectivity over the web, without special training