Technologies: Switch Templates

  • Unified configuration
  • Rapid provisioning
  • Revision management

Meraki switches are managed via the cloud, making configuration seamless and easy for all deployment locations. Switch templates streamline configuration to highly distributed networks by extending the power of cloud. Create templates, define and manage unified settings and apply bulk device configuration to all switches at once.

Switch Templates

Unified configuration

Rather than maintaining the same configuration on every switch, Switch Templates allow the definition of a single source configuration template to which all switches can be bound. This makes deployment even easier than before and drastically reduces room for error. Templates are also highly customizable and feature options for ‘auto-binding’ for those who choose to keep configuration truly consistent.

Rapid provisioning

With Meraki zero-touch provisioning, templates can be created and then switches bound to them without the need to un-box or configure a single switch. Create a store switch template, apply it to all store switches and deploy them directly, making switches truly plug-and-play.

Revision management

Various technologies make Meraki an excellent choice where operational expenditure is a consideration. No matter where switches are installed, templates enable switch configurations to be managed in bulk, reducing repetitive, per-switch changes. Change a port, add a QoS rule or push a new software update to all devices at once.