Technologies: Real-Time Cloud Management

  • Custom-designed real time tunnel
  • Ultra-efficient compression protocols
  • Seamless high availability

Cisco Meraki's patented real time communication protocols enable administrators to manage networks from the cloud, without sacrificing control and responsiveness. Cisco Meraki developed a purpose-built protocol that delivers rich bidirectional information securely, with minimal bandwidth overhead.

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Custom-designed real time tunnel

Cisco Meraki devices — wireless APs, switches, and security appliances — provide a rich stream of real time information to the Cisco Meraki cloud. This communication is key to the extensive visibility and control afforded by the Cisco Meraki platform. Instead of burdening the network with high overhead, poor responsiveness, and complex configuration, Cisco Meraki engineers developed and patented a lightweight, secure, zero-configuration control tunnel that provides rich real time data without compromising efficiency.

Ultra-efficient compression protocols

Each Cisco Meraki device streams rich monitoring and usage metrics to the cloud, providing administrators with real time "remote hands" tools, detailed event logs, searchable databases, and rich reports on application, device, and client usage. Custom designed communications protocols deliver this extensive information without introducing network overhead. In fact, each Cisco Meraki device typically utilizes 1 kb/s or less. Advanced compression algorithms minimize overhead without introducing latency or performance burdens.

Seamless high availability

Cisco Meraki's control tunnel supports seamless high availability. Every Cisco Meraki network is backed by at least three independent datacenters, and the management tunnel between Cisco Meraki devices and the cloud automatically connects to the right datacenters, handling failover seamlessly.