Technologies: Mesh Routing

  • Auto-configuring mesh network
  • Multi-channel routing protocols
  • Self-healing networking with per-flow optimization

Mesh networking, included in every Cisco Meraki AP, extends coverage to hard to wire areas and creates a self-healing network that is resilient to cable and switch failures. Cisco Meraki pioneered high performance mesh routing, with technologies such as multi-radio routing and per-flow analysis that optimize Cisco Meraki's mesh for performance and reliability.

Wireless mesh networks

Auto-configuring mesh

By using Cisco Meraki mesh, organizations can extend the wireless network to areas that are difficult or expensive to connect via Ethernet cabling. Meshed APs self-configure and establish a high-performance, robust, and resilient network automatically, without any need for manual intervention or provisioning.

Multi-channel routing protocols

Cisco Meraki's advanced proprietary routing protocols and algorithms continuously evaluate link performance by measuring a variety of factors, including signal strength, throughput, link cost, interference, and frame reception rates.

Wireless APs take measurements individually and work together with neighboring APs to optimize overall capacity and client throughput. APs route traffic over different channels as needed to minimize per-hop performance degradation and maximize client performance. Even distant areas can be connected via point-to-point mesh links by using directional antennas to link APs.

Self-healing networking with per-flow optimization

Self-healing technology in Cisco Meraki APs allows them to automatically reconfigure and use mesh links in the event of a wired Ethernet or switch failure, forwarding traffic to other APs in the network that have Internet gateway connectivity. APs establish mesh networks automatically, even when connected to the wired LAN, making the optimized mesh link immediately available in the case of a wired LAN failure event. APs maintain a per-flow track of traffic, so clients already associated to an AP continue to have connectivity and experience no interruption in service.

Cisco Meraki mesh technologies, including automatic link optimization, adaptive capacity management, and failure resilience enable networks to continue operating despite failures or configuration changes in the rest of the network, without the need for manual configuration or optimization.