Technologies: Location Analytics API

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Flexible functionality
  • Partnership with retail analytics vendors

The Cisco Meraki Location Analytics API uses intelligent access points to deliver real-time location analytics data directly to customers, allowing integration with 3rd-party retail analytics applications, CRM, and custom-built applications.

Virtual stacking

Easy to set up and use

Configuring the API is simple:

  1. Go to Configure > Network-wide settings in the Meraki dashboard and enable the API
  2. Enter your validator and secret into your systems
  3. Point the dashboard to your systems

Meraki servers then perform an HTTP GET to the listed URL, and check the validator returned by that system. If the validator is correct, Meraki servers will begin posting location events to the system URL, using the secret to confirm to the customer that the HTTP POST came from Cisco Meraki.

Flexible functionality

The API delivers easy-to-digest JSON data, captured in real-time, to 3rd party or custom-built applications. This gives customers with unique requirements a high degree of flexibility.

The data includes WiFi probe request details from individual clients such as access point MAC, client MAC, time stamps, and RSSI data:

Virtual stacking

Because the Location Analytics API delivers real-time data directly, it is a highly flexible tool with many potential use cases. For example, customers could use the API to build applications that augment existing customer records, allowing retailers to determine who their top customers are and how often they return to a given location. By integrating the API with back-end CRM, retailers can drive in-store customer engagement with notifications to staff or the delivery of targeted customer offers.

In the enterprise context, Location Analytics data can be used to inform policy decisions about WiFi availability, physical security, and energy savings.

Meraki integrated privacy protection mechanisms into Location Analytics and the API. Learn more about location analytics and privacy.

Partnerships with retail analytics vendors

Cisco Meraki works with best-in-class retail analytics vendors, via the Location Analytics API, enabling raw data to be plugged into and processed by retail analytics applications. Learn more about Cisco Meraki's retail analytics partners by visiting the technology partners page.