Technologies: Layer 3 Scalability

  • Scalable routing
  • Optimized, secure traffic flow
  • High availability

Networks need flexibility to grow without sacrificing security or performance. Cisco Meraki layer 3 switches simplify expansion, reduce congestion, and provide redundancy for mission critical environments.

OSPF Configuration

Scalable Routing Architecture

Support for Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) dynamic routing offers greater design flexibility, better routing resilience, and improved traffic flow. Our graphical implementation of OSPF reduces the chance of error due to manual setup since there is no need to remember complex command lines or fret about a mistype. OSPF-enabled Layer 3 switches automatically learn and monitor your routing landscape, adjust for link failures, and optimize flow by computing the most efficient traffic pathways—critical functionality for rapidly growing networks.

Optimized, Secure Traffic Flow

OSPF’s routing algorithm automatically factors link costs (such as link bandwidth and availability) to calculate optimal pathways for routing packets from point A to point B. This efficiency translates into improved network performance, since delays across slow links are minimized. Additionally, IPv4 Access control lists (ACLs) secure subnet boundaries while limiting broadcast and undesirable protocol traffic, reducing congestion.

High Availability

Redundancy is a key component of the Meraki MS layer 3 implementation. First, OSPF’s native routing resilience automatically adapts to detected link failures—preventing vital resources from becoming unreachable if alternative pathways to it exist. Second, built-in warm spare redundancy ensures that downtime and disruption are minimized in the event of physical switch failure. Finally, integrated DHCP service and relay can be enabled on layer 3 Meraki switches, ensuring that if the only accessible DHCP server on a network segment becomes unavailable, addressing service can be restored. In fact, if an MS switch hosting DHCP service fails over to a warm spare, DHCP service will seamlessly transition to the backup switch.