Technologies: Bonjour Gateway

  • Integrated Bonjour support
  • Scalable service deployment
  • Intuitive configuration

Integrating Bonjour devices and services into education and enterprise networks needn't be complex. Cisco Meraki natively integrates Bonjour support and selectively bridge services across subnets, intelligently enabling large-scale deployments without overloading the network.

Seamless roaming

Integrated Bonjour support

Cisco Meraki Security Appliances and wireless LANs include native support for Bonjour devices and traffic. There's no need for a separate appliance just to manage Bonjour services — simply turn it on via the Meraki dashboard.

Scalable service deployment

Bonjour deployments can quickly get out of control if not scaled properly. Rather than flooding the network with Bonjour traffic from all devices and subnets, Cisco Meraki's Bonjour Gateway selectively bridges Bonjour traffic — such as AirPlay, AirPrint, and Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) — to the subnets of choice.

Intuitive configuration

There's no need to hunt for VLAN and subnet configurations to enable Bonjour support. Cisco Meraki intelligently recognizes available subnets to bridge from and subnets on which to enable Bonjour support, letting administrators pick and choose devices and subnets on which to support Bonjour.