Customer Stories: K-12 Education

Meraki's cloud networking solution is ideal for large districts and independent schools alike, providing performance and manageability at a fraction of the cost and complexity of traditional solutions.

  • 学校法人 河合塾

    学校法人 河合塾

    • e-ラーニングのための安定した無線LANを実現
    • 全国の校舎のネットワークをクラウドで一元管理
  • Colegio San José SSCC, España

    Colegio San José SSCC, España

    • Colegio en Sevilla implementa el Full Stack de Cisco Meraki
    • Amplia visibilidad y sencilla administración para un equipo de TI de 2 personas
    • Los equipos de seguridad para facilitar el filtrado de contenido y alertas
  • John XXIII College

    John XXIII College

    • IT help desk saw 80% decrease in connectivity issues
    • Operational cost reduced by $4000 every year
    • Students and teachers embrace new learning experience in outdoor spaces
  • Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools

    Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools

    • Needed a wired and wireless network to support 16,000 students across 31 schools
    • IT team easily manages 2,500+ Meraki devices across the district
    • With a strong network, IT team can focus on improving student experiences
  • Salisbury East High School

    Salisbury East High School

    • Progressive high school transformed its network with Cisco Meraki
    • Helpdesk tickets from teachers and students decreased by 40%
    • Effortless network optimisation and troubleshooting frees IT team to innovate
  • Colegios APDE

    Colegios APDE

    • Auto VPN de sitio a sitio
    • Equipos de Seguridad para facilitar el filtrado de contenido y alertas
    • Air Marshal de MR para evitar que alumnos utilicen sus teléfonos como puntos de hots
  • Trinity Lutheran College

    Trinity Lutheran College

    • Gold Coast college simplifies its IT environment for 1200+ students and teachers
    • Intuitive dashboard makes it easy to manage all the APs, MX, and SM in one place
    • IT team transformed into a value-added department from firefighting issues
  • Boulder Valley School District

    Boulder Valley School District

    • To have successful 1:1 and BYOD programs, the district needed a new network T
    • Deployed Meraki APs and switches across 56 schools to support 30,000 students
    • With a future-proof network, BVSD can take on projects that improve learning
  • Moreland School District

    Moreland School District

    • Endpoint management solution required to manage 1,300 iPads district-wide
    • Meraki Systems Manager implemented to set up student profiles and push new apps
    • Easily troubleshoot network issues from the AP to the device to the provider


    • La Universidad de Aquino Bolivia (UDABOL) implementa Cisco Meraki
    • Implementación de seguridad, puntos de acceso y switches
    • Administración de SM de Cisco Meraki
  • Orange County Public Schools

    Orange County Public Schools

    • 9th largest school district is the US with 208,000 students and 200 schools
    • Needed remote management capabilities so engineers could focus on 1:1 program
    • Meraki access points and switches being rolled out district-wide
  • Reading School District

    Reading School District

    • Full-stack Meraki solution provides an amazing network experience for students
    • 1,400+ access points provide district-wide wireless coverage across 19 schools
    • Meraki MV security cameras provide simplified management with no DVRs
  • Arbor Park School District

    Arbor Park School District

    • MX security appliance provides enhanced network visibility
    • Group policies keep students off the Internet on state testing days
    • Alerts allow the IT team to be proactive in solving issues
  • Large Canadian Public School District

    Large Canadian Public School District

    • 26,000 iPads and 900 iPhones managed using Meraki Systems Manager
    • Integration with Apple's Volume Purchasing Program enables rapid deployment
    • Messaging feature used to help locate devices and to alert owners about updates
  • Saigon South International School

    Saigon South International School

    • School in Vietnam using Meraki MR, MS, MX to support more than 1,000 students
    • Reliable, high-performance wireless meets demand of students’ mobile devices
    • Easy management of campus network with limited IT resources
  • Wayne Highlands School District

    Wayne Highlands School District

    • Deployed 320 access points across school district classrooms
    • Launched a one-to-one learning environment
    • Connected rural campuses within school district
  • École Jeannine Manuel

    École Jeannine Manuel

    • Une école accueillant 3300 élèves sur plusieurs campus
    • Déploiement d'une flotte de 1000 iPads sur trois ans
    • Un VPN en mesh avec SD-WAN intégré pour relier les campus de façons sécurisée
  • United Nations International School of Hanoi

    United Nations International School of Hanoi

    • A United Nations International School deploying Meraki for 1,100+ students
    • Meraki MR access points and MS switches enabling greater visibility and insight
    • Network management via web dashboard allows seamless troubleshooting for IT team
  • Yongsan International School of Seoul

    Yongsan International School of Seoul

    • International school in Korea deploys Meraki full stack
    • 3 IT team members can easily pinpoint issues and troubleshoot via dashboard
    • Since deploying Meraki, support requests to IT have decreased significantly
  • Ascend Public Charter Schools

    Ascend Public Charter Schools

    • Needed to combine each school’s separately managed network into one
    • With E-rate funding, they deployed access points, switches, and security appliances
    • Future-proofed their network to improve student learning as the school’s grow
  • British School of Bucharest

    British School of Bucharest

    • Installation of reliable WiFi network enables future-oriented learning environment
    • High scalability for expanding campus, use of traffic shaping and security features
    • Intuitive management of the network with limited IT resources
  • Socorro Independent School District

    Socorro Independent School District

    • District required a robust, flexible, and scalable network for 46,000 students
    • Over 3,400 Meraki MR Access Points and Cisco Catalyst Switches deployed
    • Increased bandwidth provides more learning opportunities across the district
  • St Mary Star of the Sea College

    St Mary Star of the Sea College

    • NSW school uses Meraki MR, MS, MV to support 1,100 students and 130 staff
    • MVs provide increased visibility and security to gates surrounding campus
    • Meraki channel optimisation tools help achieve more capacity as population grows
  • Auckland Grammar School

    Auckland Grammar School

    • Oldest all-boys school in Auckland with 2,500 students and 160 staff
    • 3 IT staff look after Meraki network consisting of Meraki MS, MX, and EMM
    • Web-based dashboard allows for easy network changes without running complex CLI
  • Colegio Sagrada Familia Hijas de Jesús

    Colegio Sagrada Familia Hijas de Jesús

    • 550 mobile devices managed remotely with Meraki’s Systems Manager.
    • Geofencing rules control students’ activities while on the school premises.
    • A full-stack Meraki solution enables seamless troubleshooting across the network.
  • Sint-Aloysiusinstituut Lier

    Sint-Aloysiusinstituut Lier

    • Secundair en hoger onderwijs met 1300 leerlingen, studenten en personeel
    • Twee huidige sites worden uitgebreid met internaat en studentenkamers
    • Future-proof Cisco Meraki netwerk zorgt voor eenvoudig en snel beheer
  • Woldingham School

    Woldingham School

    • Prestigious English girls boarding school with students from around the globe
    • Benefitting from unified management of APs, switches, security, and MDM
    • Utilising the network for educational, residential, and summer group needs
  • Canadian School Mexico

    Canadian School Mexico

    • Colegio en Guadalajara México instala equipos Cisco Meraki
    • MR32 (6) y MR72 (11)
    • Switch MS 220, MX 100 y System Manager
  • 国立大学法人東京海洋大学


    • 老朽化が進んだ無線LAN環境の刷新に着手。高速であることなどと同時に、安全性と管理性の強化が大きなテーマとなった
    • セキュリティ製品「Meraki MX」を採用。複数の機能で脅威の侵入を防ぐ上、アップデートの自動化で運用を効率化できる
    • アクセスポイントMeraki MRも評価。Merakiのクラウド管理を有効活用すれば、無線LANの運用をより効率化できると期待
  • Rosebank College

    Rosebank College

    • NSW Year 7-12 school upgrades indoor and outdoor network with Meraki MR and MX
    • Significant efficiencies in integrating Meraki VPN with existing VPN service
    • Systems Manager EMM providing deep visibility into all student devices
  • 玉川聖学院


    • 革新的な教育システムを目指す私立の中高一貫校(東京都世田谷区)
    • Merakiアクセスポイント、スイッチ、セキュリティアプライアンス とSystems Manager MDM を導入
    • Systems Manager MDM によって、学習ツールとして最適な制限をかけ、ルールを守った先進的な ICT 教育を実現
  • Colegio San Ignacio

    Colegio San Ignacio

    • Colegio en Puerto Rico instala red inalámbrica para estudiantes y colaboradores
    • Más de 700 estudiantes distribuidos en 7 edificios, además de 150 colaboradores
    • 47 puntos de acceso internos y externos MR62/MR72
  • Schalmont Central School District

    Schalmont Central School District

    • School district in upstate NY uses Meraki to make digital learning possible
    • Reliable internet connection for entire district provided via Meraki APs
    • Live tools make troubleshooting remotely simple and quick
  • La Miranda

    La Miranda

    • Escuela en Barcelona implanta la solución completa de Cisco Meraki
    • La iniciativa 1:1 de Ipad esta desplegada, mas de 1200 dispositivos enrolados
    • Gestión de trafico adaptado para distintos usuarios
  • Avenues: The World School

    Avenues: The World School

    • Pre-K through 12 NYC school deploys Meraki to support technology-forward curriculum
    • WPA2-encrypted network for school-owned devices & guest network for personal ones
    • Integrated content filtering for CIPA compliance & Layer-7 traffic shaping
  • De Kade campus Het Anker

    De Kade campus Het Anker

    • Organisation provides education and support to those with autism
    • Composed of 6 units with numerous locations around Brugge, Belgium
    • Deployed Meraki APs, MX, and MDM for remote, centralised management
  • Oakland Unified School District

    Oakland Unified School District

    • K-12 school district in northern California with 120 locations and 37,000 students
    • Deployed 3500 Meraki 802.11ac APs to reliably support Common Core online testing
    • Layer 7 visibility and control permits the ability continually optimize the network
  • Lee's Summit R-7 School District

    Lee's Summit R-7 School District

    • Top Midwest school district quickly deploys over 1,900 Cisco Meraki devices
    • Reliable, high-density wireless supports Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education
    • Administrators set content filtering policies for different user groups on MX
  • Onze Lieve Vrouwecollege

    Onze Lieve Vrouwecollege

    • School providing primary and secondary education in Antwerp, Belgium
    • Deployed Meraki APs, security appliances, Layer 3 switch, and MDM
    • Unified, centralised dashboard makes management simple for small IT team
  • Hills Educational Foundation

    Hills Educational Foundation

    • Australian school deploys complete Meraki solution to replace legacy network
    • Deployment in indoor and outdoor spaces across 660 acre campus within one week
    • Cloud dashboard allows simple management of guest network and security settings
  • Hautes études d'ingénieur (HEI)

    Hautes études d'ingénieur (HEI)

    • French engineering school with 5 sites deploys Meraki APs & Security Appliances
    • Site-to-site VPN allows small IT team to easily manage distributed sites
    • Fine-grained settings ensure high performance in challenging WiFi environments
  • Region 9 Education Service Center

    Region 9 Education Service Center

    • Region 9 ESC deploys Meraki Security Appliances to 25 school districts
    • Content filtering and bandwidth shaping keep school networks student-friendly
    • Remote troubleshooting made easy through the cloud-based dashboard
  • Werner-von-Siemens-Gymnasium Magdeburg

    Werner-von-Siemens-Gymnasium Magdeburg

    • Technology-focused school for grades 5-12 in Magdeburg, Germany
    • Built-in security features on Meraki APs ensure online safety required for education
    • Reliable network allows completion of coursework using digital resources
  • Westwind School Division

    Westwind School Division

    • 15 Canadian K-12 schools use the Meraki solution to take advantage of fiber network
    • Cisco Meraki switches support Cisco VoIP phones and time-based port scheduling
    • CMX location analytics and easy troubleshooting made possible with cloud dashboard
  • Alvin ISD

    Alvin ISD

    • School district serves approximately 19,000 students and over 2,500 staff
    • Cloud-managed wireless supports 1:1 and BYOD for thousands of devices
    • Cloud-based RF optimization eliminates interference in high density classrooms
  • Rainbow School District

    Rainbow School District

    • 157 Meraki APs deployed across nine high schools and central office
    • Reliable, high-performance wireless meets demand of students’ mobile devices
    • Meraki Traffic Shaper enables prioritization of learning activities on the network
  • Wild Rose School Division

    Wild Rose School Division

    • Full-stack Meraki solution provides better experience for students and staff
    • Future-proofing their environment with Wi-Fi 6 and multigigabit switches
    • Keep students safer with smarter security cameras across the division
  • Jakintza Ikastola

    Jakintza Ikastola

    • Part of the Ikastola group of schools in Northern Spain for pupils between 5-16 yrs
    • Cisco Meraki cloud managed APs provide WiFi coverage across the entire school
    • WiFi configured with WPA-PSK encryption by non-ICT teachers using the dashboard
  • Bremerton School District

    Bremerton School District

    • School district in Washington serves over 5,500 students
    • Deployment of iPod Touches for classroom learning requires robust wireless connectivity
    • Cloud-based management sped deployment, lowered cost
  • EUC Lillebælt

    EUC Lillebælt

    • Multi-discipline school in Denmark provides specialized skills courses for students
    • Meraki APs offer robust wireless for daytime students, boarding students, and guests
    • Active Directory with captive portal required for student authentication
  • Lloydminster Public Schools

    Lloydminster Public Schools

    • Reliable, hassle-free wireless coverage for 4,000 students and 269 teachers
    • One IT person at one-quarter time manages wireless infrastructure across ten sites
    • Meraki’s cloud-managed wireless supports VLAN tagging and secure guest access
  • Ecole Lemania

    Ecole Lemania

    • Swiss, multi-lingual college provides education for students from around the world
    • Meraki APs, switches, and security appliance provide reliable and robust networking
    • Custom policies provide fine-grained control over end user devices
  • Loyola School

    Loyola School

    • Independent New York City college prep high school with 200 students and 45 faculty
    • In-house IT team easily installed wireless network, deployed APs across 3 buildings
    • Meraki solution was one-third the cost of the nearest vendor
  • Tri-Creek School Corporation

    Tri-Creek School Corporation

    • High-performance cloud managed WiFi provides reliable district-wide connectivity
    • 170 APs deployed in just minutes each, from unboxing to final configuration
    • Layer 7 application visibility provide insight into users, devices, and applications
  • Benton Community Schools

    Benton Community Schools

    • School district deploys Meraki WiFi to support 1:1 laptop initiative
    • Meraki APs increase network capacity and improve reliability for new devices
    • Meraki platform provides centralized management over networks across district sites
  • De Nassau

    De Nassau

    • Secondary education school installed Cisco Meraki APs for complete wireless coverage
    • Deployment supports 1600 students, a tablet program, and interactive whiteboards
    • Layer 7 firewall settings and built-in security features ensure safe WiFi usage
  • Clifton College

    Clifton College

    • Wireless coverage for almost 1,500 pupils across historic, thick stoned college wall
    • Over 1,000 devices seen on the wireless networks in first 3 months
    • Intuitive Meraki dashboard enables zero dedicated staff to manage wireless network
  • Oswestry School

    Oswestry School

    • Historic, independent boarding school for 450 pupils served by 79 APs & 19 switches
    • Controller-less solution inclusive of tech support provides significant cost saving
    • Meraki’s web-based dashboard allows the network to be managed by one IT Technician
  • Fairborn City Schools

    Fairborn City Schools

    • Needed a camera solution to support a dynamic school environment
    • Went through a rigorous evaluation process to find the right solution
    • Improved student safety by solving and deterring incidents
  • 高雄美國學校 (KAS)

    高雄美國學校 (KAS)

    • 行业: 教育 | K - 12 美國學校
    • 規模:單一校區 | 800 學生
    • IT解決方案:採購了225套Meraki行動管理設備(Mobile Device Management)
  • Yu Chun Keung Memorial College No. 2

    Yu Chun Keung Memorial College No. 2

    • Full stack Meraki solution provides one-stop network solution for the school
    • Configuration took less than a few hours for the entire network and devices
    • IT teacher is able to manage the network through Meraki Dashboard without 3rd party
  •  Educar, Ministry of education - Ministerio Educación Argentina

    Educar, Ministry of education - Ministerio Educación Argentina

    • Suministrar Wi-Fi al 100% de los alumnos de escuelas públicas en Argentina
    • 18.700 redes configuradas en el Dashboard de Cisco Meraki
    • Puntos de acceso, switches y equipos de seguridad implementados en 50.000 unidades