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  • Made an additional $17.7 million in revenue in two years
  • Removed wireless from DR plans because the controller is in the cloud
  • Significantly reduced the time spent on network deployments

Over the past 39 years PITT OHIO has consistently provided high-quality truckload, less-than-truckload, ground, and supply chain services across the North America. Today, the company has over 3,100 employees and over $700 million in annual revenue, with just four network engineers supporting these operations. In order for  this lean team to effectively support employees across thirteen states, they knew that they needed to look for a new IT solution.

PITT OHIO was looking for a solution that offered in depth analytics and network visibility without using third party tools. Additionally, they needed a solution that was quick to deploy, automatically pushed firmware and security updates, stayed up-to-date on the latest technology advancements, and generated revenue while reducing costs.

While the PITT OHIO team was researching for a solution that met their needs, they found out that they could get a free access point if they attended a Cisco Meraki webinar. After successfully testing the AP and learning more about Meraki, the team decided to deploy Meraki MR32, MR33, and MR72 access points and MX100 security appliances at their headquarters in Pittsburgh as well as 22 remote sites. To the team’s surprise, all 23 of the sites were fully deployed within a month.

You plug in a Meraki access point and it’s ready to go. Norman Tutino, Network Engineering Supervisor

Over time, the PITT OHIO team expanded their deployment to other subsidiaries as well. Prior to implementing Meraki, the network at one of their subsidiaries, US Cargo, was notoriously slow and the team could not effectively troubleshoot remotely. However, when they implemented  Meraki MR access points and MX security appliances the company gained seamless internet access. Cioppino, a restaurant and another PITT OHIO subsidiary, lacked decent internet access for employees and guests. After switching to Meraki, their internet is now top notch, with tablets that connect to the wireless network for their POS system.

After running an in depth analysis, the PITT OHIO team determined that they gained an additional $8.7 million in 2016 and $9 million in revenue in 2017 from switching to Meraki MR72’s for wireless scale access. In addition to generating more revenue, Meraki enables the PITT OHIO team to save time on projects. Network deployments with Meraki take far less time compared to previous deployments with other technologies. Plus, the team schedules firmware and security updates to happen automatically. Meraki also has enabled the team to gain visibility into their network through the Meraki dashboard and built-in analytic tools.

There really isn’t any effort to maintaining the Meraki network. You take a couple minutes and schedule the update. Dave Wunderley, Director of EIOS

Currently, the PITT OHIO team is exploring more projects with Meraki. To start, they are looking at deploying MV security cameras at their data center. Additionally, they are working to install  digital signage at all of their locations, which would connect over their wireless network. The goal of these projects connects back to PITT OHIO’s mission to provide superior customer service, both on and off the road.