Customer Stories: Industrial/Manufacturing

Meraki's self-optimizing wireless and ruggedized hardware provide reliable connectivity in even the least forgiving environments.

  • Secrid


    • Secrid produceert RFID/NFC-veilige wallets sinds 2009
    • Meer dan 100 werknemers en duizenden verdelers in 60 landen
    • Netwerk met Meraki APs, switches, security en SD-WAN
  • アイシン東北株式会社


    • クラウド管理型ネットワークソリューションCisco Meraki を全面的に採用し、自社で設計、導入、運用を実施
    • スマート ファクトリ時代に対応した次世代型ネットワーク インフラを構築
    • 自社の工場をショーケースとして、地元を盛り上げていきたい


    • Made an additional $17.7 million in revenue in two years
    • Removed wireless from DR plans because the controller is in the cloud
    • Significantly reduced the time spent on network deployments


    • Central and remote network management of 800 Audi car dealers across the globe
    • High scalability, easy configuration and troubleshooting of the network
    • Deployment of Meraki Wireless Access Points, Switches and Security Appliances
  • 信州ハム株式会社


    • こだわった商品作りで業界の流れをリードするハム、ベーコン、ソーセージ類の製造・販売を行なっている
    • 過酷な環境のなかでも、安定的に高速の通信ができるネットワークシステムとして MR AP、MS スイッチ、MV セキュリティカメラ、Systems Manager を採用
    • Merakiを導入したことで運営上欠かせない日々の業務がスムーズになり、より高品質な製品の提供が実現
  • Crediton Dairy

    Crediton Dairy

    • Milk processing plant in Devon, supplying dairy products to most UK supermarkets
    • MV cameras provide monitoring of employee health and safety & process controls
    • Saved time using cloud-based dashboard & costs with no NVR needed
  • Agexport


    • La Asociación Guatemalteca de Exportadores (AGEXPORT) implementa Cisco Meraki
    • Implementación de 35 puntos de acceso
    • Solución para BYOD y home office
  • MacArtney Underwater Technology

    MacArtney Underwater Technology

    • Danish experts in underwater technology solutions
    • Looking after network of 17 offices in 11 countries
    • Saving significantly in resources with Meraki
  • Coopers Brewery

    Coopers Brewery

    • AU brewery uses Meraki MR & MX to support network in brewery & branch sites
    • Meraki APs support automated guided vehicles (AGVs) used for production
    • Devices pre-configured in dashboard and online immediately when plugged in
  • Saracen Mineral Holdings

    Saracen Mineral Holdings

    • AU gold mining company with 5 sites, 200 employees, and 750 contractors
    • Meraki MR, MS, and MX provide secure, reliable network for housing on 4 sites
    • Two person IT team manage network remotely from Perth via Meraki dashboard
  • SAS International

    SAS International

    • UK manufacturers of metal ceilings, distributing products internationally
    • IP67-rated Cisco Meraki APs provide reliable WiFi for staff, guests, & machinery
    • Installed Meraki switching for a robust backbone and EMM for mobile workforce
  • Concentric AB

    Concentric AB

    • Global engineering & manufacturing company with UK-based HQ
    • Deployed Meraki APs & UTM security, connecting sites via site-to-site VPN
    • Automatic alerts & remote tools enable proactive response & reliability
  • Hidrosina


    • Uno de los grupos gasolineros más grande de México instala Cisco Meraki
    • Más de 250 puntos de acceso (AP) internos y externos
    • Cisco Meraki le permite a Hidrosina brindar a sus clientes excelente servicio
  • 日光ケミカルズ株式会社


    • 日光ケミカルズは、国内外で化粧品や医薬品から食品、塗料インキ、油剤、一般工業まで、幅広い領域や製品開発サポートをしている
    • 管理者側からの運用が容易である、コストパフォーマンスが良く、モバイル端末管理の機能を持っていて、クラウドから一括集中管理できる、という4点からMeraki を選定
    • 国内外拠点にMR、MX、Systems Manager MDM・EMMを導入したことで、より使いやすいネットワークの運営が可能に
  • Teraoka Seiko

    Teraoka Seiko

    • Japanese manufacturing corporation with over 120 locations worldwide
    • Connects global sites utilizing Auto VPN on the MX Security Appliance
    • Effortless pre-installation process significantly decreased time to deployment
  • CDK - GetWireless

    CDK - GetWireless

    • Meraki enables CDK to provide superior WiFi service to automotive dealerships
    • CDK dramatically reduce its cost of deployment with zero touch provisioning
    • Meraki cuts customer service deployment times from one week to one day
  • Argo Turboserve

    Argo Turboserve

    • Global supply chain management company uses Meraki to manage over 25 locations
    • Air Marshal used to ensure network security in locations without on-site IT support
    • Speed of Meraki deployment crucial in dynamic supply chain environment
  • Saxon Energy Services

    Saxon Energy Services

    • Oilfield and drilling services company operating in 13 countries around the world
    • IT trusts Cisco Meraki MX security appliances to connect all sites to HQ
    • Rig personnel can work faster and communicate with friends and family back home
  • BQ


    • Leading European tech company with 1,200 employees & offices in Europe and Asia
    • Cloud-based Dashboard provides centralised management of distributed locations
    • Offices connected and sharing resources using self-healing Site-to-Site VPN
  • Infors HT

    Infors HT

    • Swiss-based manufacturer of shakers, bioreactors, and bioprocess software
    • Deployed Meraki switches and APs to centrally manage all branches
    • Custom settings control user devices and WiFi-enabled machinery
  • Cardno


    • Professional infrastructure & environmental services company with 200+ offices
    • Preconfigured all APs for easy out-of-box setup at remote sites
    • New Meraki features added on ongoing basis provide team with peace of mind
  • Hydroscand AB

    Hydroscand AB

    • Swedish company has warehouses & stores in 17 countries in Europe, Asia & Africa
    • Branches equipped with MX Security Appliances for site-to-site VPN connections
    • IT team configured & planned deployments using dashboard, without going on-site
  • ERG S.p.A.

    ERG S.p.A.

    • Italian energy company deploys Meraki APs & switches at distributed sites
    • Centralized management allows IT team to monitor and configure sites remotely
    • Use built-in tools like Air Marshal & packet capture for remote troubleshooting
  • Columbia Steel

    Columbia Steel

    • Steel manufacturing plant deploys a robust enterprise-class network across 20 acres
    • Reliable wireless covers facility despite signal-reflecting steel throughout plant
    • Meraki solution is rugged enough to withstand interference, environmental challenges
  • Priefert Manufacturing

    Priefert Manufacturing

    • Ranch equipment manufacturing plant covers 700,000 sq foot campus with wireless
    • Meraki wireless coverage across 4 large warehouses streamlines transition to ERP
    • Mobile tablets and scanners on forklifts easily managed by Meraki dashboard
  • Halperns'


    • Top-quality food company deploys Meraki WiFi in harsh, industrial environment
    • Reliable network connectivity for handheld scanners and computers
    • Cloud management enables multi-site WiFi without on-site IT
  • 金剛株式会社


    • 多様化する市場ニーズに対応するには、 多品種少量生産の実現、生産性の向上が必要
    • 変革のためにITやデータを活用した「スマートファクトリー」を目指す
    • スマート化を支えるネットワークには、信頼性、安定性、管理性、柔軟性など高度な要件が求められる
  • Brenntag


    • Empresa de distribución química adquiere Meraki
    • Implementación en 20 sitios en menos de 4 meses
    • Compra de equipos de seguridad, switches, puntos de acceso y cámaras
  • 株式会社NICHIJO


    • ネットワークの信頼性・安定性が向上。冬場は零度を下回る北海道の厳しい環境でも安定稼働しており、工場の生産活動を効率化する様々な施策に積極的にチャレンジできる
    • クラウド管理のため管理サーバが不要で、その分、構築や運用のコストを圧縮できた
    • GUIベースの管理画面は直感的で非常に使いやすく、クラウドを通じて離れた拠点の機器も統合管理可能。ネットワーク運用の負担を半減できた