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  • Swedish management organisation with 90,000+ members in the labor market
  • Layer 7 application prioritisation for mission critical voice SIP traffic
  • Intuitive dashboard and visibility provide granular network control

Ledarna is an organisation for managers in the Swedish labor market, providing guidance and support for over 90,000 members in all types of trades and professions. Reliable communication between offices and with other companies is critical for Ledarna’s daily business operations; however the previous network solution was unable to support this business need and was also lacking in visibility and control. With a small IT team and four dispersed locations, IT technician Alex Tsarapatsanis needed a solution that was easy to manage across different locations and provided the granular configurations needed for each site.


  • Unstable network infrastructure was prone to problems, failed to work with some user devices, and was difficult to upgrade
  • No visibility into amounts or types of traffic passing through the network, making bandwidth management, traffic shaping, and optimisation impossible
It’s extremely simple and fast to get overviews from the [dashboard] portal. Meraki is a perfect fit for our organisation.Alex Tsarapatsanis, IT Technician

Why Cisco Meraki

  • Ease of installation and configuration eliminates confusion and saves overall deployment and management time
  • Dashboard provides the visibility that was missing in the previous solution and gives the IT team the tools to make changes remotely
  • Remote setup, configuration, and ongoing visibility in dashboard is key for the IT team - which is based at only one of the sites
  • Built-in security radio provides 24x7 scanning for potential threats and automatic alerts in the event of a problem

The Deployment

  • In just one day, Ledarna deployed 40 MR18 access points to multiple sites and an MX80 for core security at headquarters
  • Meraki devices are preconfigured in dashboard and shipped on-site where non-technical staff members can simply plug them in
  • Production SSIDs, routed to core switches, are configured with 802.1X authentication
  • SIP traffic for voice and video applications prioritized using Layer 7 traffic shaping with DSCP tags
  • Production SSIDs, routed to core switches, are configured with 802.1X authentication
  • Two guest SSIDs, routed to the MX80 and to the Internet, are segmented from the LAN with Layer 7 firewall and traffic shaping


  • Network usage is primarily WiFi-based with mainly computers and laptops on the production side and phones, tablets, laptops, and TVs on the guest side
  • Using dashboard, the IT team has identified and fixed problems previously difficult or impossible to locate
  • The team replaced their previous MDM with Meraki Systems Manager, providing a more power-efficient solution with additional functionality and security features
  • The intuitive dashboard provides insight into issues which are not directly connected to the WiFi, like locating and resolving a problem with the Network Proxy Server service
  • Employees are happier with the call quality and improved network speeds; guests are happier with a more reliable network; IT is happier with the visibility and reporting