• network-products-guide-best-2011

    Network Products Guide selected Meraki’s Cloud-Controlled Enterprise Wireless LAN as the winner of the Best Products Award for Wireless Solutions. Meraki’s cloud-managed Enterprise Wireless LAN Solution combines intuitive, easy-to-install hardware with over-the-web centralized management, simplifying network administration for a fraction of the cost.

  • network-products-guide-innovation-2010

    “San Francisco-based Meraki provides powerful easy-to-use and affordable enterprise-class wireless networks to businesses and organizations of all sizes. Meraki’s cloud-managed architecture combines intuitive easy-to-install hardware with over-the-web centralized management to provide wireless networks at dramatically lower costs than traditional alternatives.”

  • cwnp

    “The Meraki slogan is ‘Wireless Networks that Simply Work,’ and they deliver on this campaign buzzphrase with exceptional simplicity. You want to deploy reliable Wi-Fi with as little expertise as possible? Meraki may be your best bet.”

  • info-world-100

    “Meraki stands out with setup and configuration of a mesh network done entirely with easy-to-master cloud-based controls...A medium-sized business with a lot of ground to cover with Wi-Fi would be hard pressed to find something easier.”

  • techworld-awards-2009

    “Westmont College transformed its IT infrastructure to a cloud-centric one, migrating several systems to cloud-based services provided by Meraki, Google, Postini, and Salesforce.com.”

  • network-computing-2010

    “It would be a mistake to see Meraki’s system as simply a clever way of implementing wireless technology, although it is that too. Its most ingenious feature is that it virtualises its management core as a cloud service, a template that shines a path for all network infrastructure.”

  • network-computing

    “Meraki’s Cloud Controller is a no-brainer for small and multisite businesses, and a good choice for large environments with fairly static wireless needs. It works, and combined with Meraki’s other wireless infrastructure offerings, including mesh links and solar-powered APs, affords a robust wireless framework at a discount price.”

  • enterprise-networking-planet

    “Its cloud service doesn't just provide traditional WLAN management, but an entire operating system. It serves as the wireless controller for the Wi-Fi network. The Meraki OS provides the brains for the mesh networking and dynamic channel optimization, virtual network isolation, captive portal, and other network functionality.”

  • small-net-builder

    “The Cloud Controller is great for folks who don't want to be bothered with the details and hassle of running a multi-node wireless network. Getting APs up and running really couldn't be much easier.”

  • information-week

    “Meraki’s Enterprise Cloud Controller challenges the thin wireless model espoused by Aruba, Cisco, Meru, and others by moving controller functions into the cloud. Its goal: Slash the cost of business-class wireless...We were pleased overall with the Enterprise Cloud Controller.”

  • world_economic_forum

    "'We’re extremely proud to have been selected Technology Pioneer 2008 by the World Economy Forum,' said CEO Sanjit Biswas, 'Meraki is focused on bringing the next billion people online by making Internet access abundant and affordable. This award is another stepping stone toward making that goal a reality and an inspiring confirmation that we’re making a difference to people around the globe.'"

  • popular-science-whats-new

    "With a simple $50 box, Meraki Networks hopes to spark a worldwide Wi-Fi revolution. The wireless router lets a city block, or even an entire village, share the same Internet connection. By itself, the Meraki Mini creates a Wi-Fi network around a wired Internet connection. But add a second Mini within 150 feet, and it picks up and amplifies the wireless signal, creating a seamless network that spans nearly double the original area."

  • unstrung

    "Yes, wireless broadband is finally on its way. This year’s 2007 FierceBroadbandWireless Fierce 15 list represents the vast array of opportunities that await the wireless broadband industry. It consists of the 15 privately held emerging companies we believe hold the most promise to help shape the wireless broadband industry and establish a successful presence in this market."

  • fiercebroadbandwireless-fierce-15-2007

    "Initially spun off from the RoofNet group at MIT 'with the hopes of bringing free or low-cost Internet access to people around the world,' Meraki Networks Inc. made headlines late this year with its work with Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) to improve indoor WiFi mesh coverage at the search giant's municipal WiFi testbed in Mountain View."