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    After watching the video, press the button below the video to open the answer form in this window.

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    From the answer form, open the dashboard in a new window. Keep both windows open so you can explore the dashboard and answer the questions.

Challenge Questions

Use the button below to open the Meraki dashboard in another window. You’ll find the answers to the questions in the dashboard. Then return here to enter the answers using the form on this page. The dashboard is intuitive and we provided hints along the way.

Open the dashboard
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    Inappropriate bandwidth use often impacts network performance, wasting resources and affecting critical applications. Find the application that has consumed the most bandwidth on the wireless network in the past week.

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    The popularity of smartphones and tablets has affected nearly every IT organization and can have significant impact on the network. How many Apple iOS devices connected to the network in the past day?

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    Video streaming applications can consume large amounts of data but are often difficult to control. What’s the lowest speed that video streaming applications can be throttled to?

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    As network capacity needs grow, it’s important to understand how efficiently resources are used. How many switch ports were active over the last day?

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    As switches approach maximum port utilization, it’s important to understand what kinds of devices are on the network. What are the top 3 client device manufacturers on the network (i.e., the most common client devices)?

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    How can Meraki help you achieve your business goals? Hint: this is an important question, and the answer isn’t in the Meraki dashboard. You’re on your own for this one. Don’t forget to submit your answers and end the Challenge once you’re done.

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Remember, you’ll need to toggle between two windows:
  • Keep this window open and use it to answer the Challenge questions.
  • From the next page, you can launch a new window with the Meraki dashboard (give it a few moments to load) and find the answers to the questions.
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