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Terms & Conditions of the Meraki MS225/MS210-48LP/FP Proactive Replacement Replacement Process

By requesting advance replacements for your affected devices (each an “Affected Device”), you acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions.

Within 45 days from the shipment of a replacement (a “Replacement Device”), you will return the Affected Device to Cisco Meraki at Meraki’s expense using the return shipping label provided with the Replacement Devices. If you need additional time to return your Affected Device, please contact To avoid waste, if possible please use the shipping carton from the Replacement Device.

In the circumstances where a return is not required, you will be notified. In these cases, please recycle or destroy the device at your discretion.

Each Affected Device will cease to function between 60 and 90 days after the Replacement Device is shipped. New licenses cannot be purchased for Affected Devices. Your Replacement Device is covered by the same hardware warranty as the Affected Device.

For network security reasons, remember to remove the Affected Device from your ‘Dashboard’ organization before it leaves your physical possession. When you remove the Affected Device from your ‘Dashboard’ organization, your organization will then have an extra license for that type of device. That extra license will be used by the Replacement Device when you add it to your Dashboard organization.