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Apple and Cisco (Meraki included!) — better together

When Apple and Cisco announced their partnership last year, Meraki customers were left on the edge of their seats awaiting the arrival of the improvements that would be coming down the pipeline for them. Now, there’s exciting news out of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference that sheds some light on the details of what the companies have been working on and when to expect them. Here’s what customers can look forward to, and an overview of how these improvements can be utilized by Meraki enthusiasts in the fall, when iOS 10 is scheduled to be released:

Enhanced roaming capabilities for iOS devices on Cisco (including Meraki) APs — With iOS 10, iPads and iPhones will be able to recognize the most optimal AP on a Cisco network with which to connect. This means Apple devices roaming on a Meraki network will become even more streamlined, eliminating worries of losing WiFi connectivity while on a VoIP or video call.

Fast lane for business critical apps — Meraki networking customers have long enjoyed the simplicity and variety of implementations of QoS for layer 7 web applications. Now, with iOS 10, Systems Manager customers will be able to apply that same level of QoS ease to iOS apps. Prioritize business critical apps while limiting bandwidth usage for, say, video streaming apps that might not be necessary for work. Couple this functionality with existing Systems Manager tools like geofencing, dynamic tagging, and scheduled policies, and the possibilities for customizability are practically limitless.

Cisco Spark calls on the iPhone, just like native calls — When iOS 10 launches, Spark customers will be able answer Spark calls from the lock screen. They’ll also be able to initiate these calls directly from their address books and answer Spark calls from the lock screen. This is an exciting update for our customers using Cisco Spark.

If you want to read more about the Apple and Cisco partnership, check out the details on Apple & Cisco’s websites, and stay tuned for future news from the Meraki side!