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Insight into the Google Calendar Outage

By Shashwat Sehgal and Neeraj Periwal

Yesterday, the internet was abuzz with the news that Google Calendar was down for several hours worldwide. With over five million businesses large and small reliant on G Suite, this outage had a major impact on workers’ productivity, since people couldn’t check their meetings on the desktop version of Google Calendar. And, of course, there were tweets. So. Many. Tweets.

Since Meraki uses G Suite internally, once we realized that many of our employees couldn’t access their calendars we immediately got to work to investigate the root cause of the issue. Fortunately, thanks to Meraki Insight, our IT team was able to detect the problem in a matter of seconds and begin troubleshooting before users even noticed there was an issue.

Meraki Insight helped our IT team learn, in real time, that Google Calendar was down due to a Google server issue, not because of a problem with Meraki’s LAN or WAN. Having access to this information helped us save multiple hours of investigative work; without knowing that it was a server issue from the start, our team would have frantically been calling our ISP and trying to detect issues with the LAN.

It all started with an email alert, around the time of the actual outage.

By digging deeper, Meraki Insight helped us learn that several servers on Google’s end were partially affected, while two to three were severely affected.

To top it all off, we needed to know how many users on the corporate network were affected by this outage. The short answer: a LOT!

Though SaaS applications are mostly reliable, yesterday’s incident goes to show that they’re never perfect. With more organizations worldwide reliant on cloud-based apps like G Suite, Office 365, and others, the ability to quickly isolate why issues are occurring when they do materialize is crucial. Meraki Insight helps companies know whether a problem is something uncontrollable, like a server outage, or something that can be addressed locally. This kind of visibility can help organizations save an enormous amount of time and sanity — just ask our IT team.

Learn more about Meraki Insight and sign up for a webinar to get a deep dive.

A New MX Lineup for the Modern Branch

You are probably aware of the increasing use of cloud-hosted applications, as well as the worldwide availability of reliable LTE coverage. You’ve almost certainly witnessed the increasing use of mobile devices, growth of video traffic, and increasing security threats. These trends challenge modern organizations to adapt to a complex landscape with higher bandwidth requirements, multiple uplinks, and threats that can take down networks. Despite these complexities, IT admins can use new technologies to position their branch networks for a successful future.

What’s new?

Today, we are excited to announce brand new additions to our MX and Z products, with multiple new MX security & SD-WAN appliances, along with a new Z-Series teleworker and IoT device. With upgraded and improved hardware, the additions to the MX line feature higher throughputs, faster Wi-Fi, and integrated LTE modems. The built-in modems will offer a greatly simplified way to connect remote locations or provide failover redundancy via LTE.

The MX67 and MX68 lineup

The new MX products benefit from state of the art new hardware features designed to deal with an evolving branch environment:

  • Up to 450 Mbps Throughput
  • 802.11ac Wave 2 Wireless
  • Integrated 300 Mbps CAT 6 LTE cellular modem

The MX family adds six new models to the highly successful MX64 and MX65 small branch security & SD-WAN appliances. The new MX67 and MX68 products include models with wired, wireless, cellular, and PoE+ capabilities.  Both the MX67C and MX68CW feature region-specific SKUs to accommodate separate cellular bands. Meraki is partnering with mobile providers to fully certify the cellular platforms across all regions. For more details of MX67, MX67W, MX68, MX68W, and the cellular MX67C, MX68CW visit the MX datasheet.

The new Z-Series

We are also delighted to add a new model to our feature-packed Z-Series teleworker gateway family with the Meraki Z3C, now with LTE. A built-in 100 Mbps CAT 3 LTE modem in the Z3C provides an elegant way to add redundancy for teleworker deployments. Our customers are also excited about using the Z3C to securely connect remote or isolated machinery such as vending machines, ATMs, and kiosks.

LTE in the dashboard

Similar to the rest of Meraki’s products, these new cellular MX and Z-Series models offer exceptional visibility via the Meraki dashboard. For these models, IT admins can monitor current traffic and historical performance, as well as the ability to troubleshoot and configure their LTE connections. For example, the dashboard allows users to configure and reset their cellular connection with a few clicks of a button. There will be a new LTE API, and the dashboard will make it simple to manage devices at scale using templates.

The Meraki MX continues to march forward in its mission to provide market-leading threat intelligence and an intuitive SD-WAN offering to keep customers connected and secure. Try out the new devices for yourself with a free trial, and let us know what you think.

One more thing…

Speaking of free trials, for those purchasing the new MX and Z-Series models in the next three months, we have an additional treat: a free 45-day trial of Meraki Insight, our intuitive tool for monitoring and troubleshooting WAN and application performance. With Insight, IT admins can monitor the status of all uplinks in the organization, and troubleshoot any network outages within seconds. It also provides detailed performance metrics to understand the root cause of ISP outages. Contact a Meraki sales representative for more information.

To learn more about the MX67 and MX68 models, as well as the Z3C, watch the launch webinar or visit the What’s New page.