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Free Tools for IT Pros

Software that makes your life easier is pretty sweet. It’s even better if it’s free.

We were pleasantly surprised to find our WiFi Stumbler mentioned over the weekend on – a nifty site that catalogs some of the best free software and web tools in a quick-to-read format.

The site got us thinking about the free software we use. Solar Winds offers a great FTP client. PuTTy is the perfect SSH client and IfranView is handy for fast image editing on PCs.

ILoveFreeSoftware has featured other free tools that we think look really useful too:

Fiddler’s network traffic logger
Draw Anywhere’s online diagramming tool (a Visio replacement)
Jasper Reports, which allows you to easily visualize the trends in your data

Let us know if you find these tools useful.

– Posted by Joey Baker