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Some great questions from Behind the Network – Episode 3


We had an interactive question and answer session following the conversation with Aaron and James. Here are three highlights from the session. 


Q: What does the ideal IT environment look like for a small business to operate seamlessly?

A: I believe organizations of all sizes will embrace cloud-native platforms and software-defined networking tools to provide the necessary agility and scalability to span from campus to remote office environments. The good news is that networking infrastructure providers like Cisco Meraki have brought enterprise-grade functionality down market, making it simple to deploy and manage.  


Q: How can IT teams get the most out of their networks with limited resources?

A: I believe the rise of AIOps will make networks more intelligent and resilient, removing the need for human operator interaction to manage mundane tasks. The upside is the potential for dramatic reductions in operating expenses and the ability to redirect IT staff to focus on more value-added support for lines of business.


Q: How has IT allowed small businesses to adapt, respond quickly to global changes, and open new areas of opportunity?

A: Tools such as automation, assurance, and analytics provide more granular visibility to network device management and allow network operators to implement closed-loop remediation. The result is higher uptime and a better overall user experience, as well as improved levels of productivity. It’s truly a win-win for organizations post-pandemic.