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Setup Trail

Setup Trail

Using the MSP Portal

When a new Dashboard Account is created, and granted admin access to more than one organization (same email/password credentials), MSP Portal functionality will be automatically activated. Once activated, an Organization dropdown will be present next to the Network dropdown at the top-left of Dashboard:

By selecting the “MSP Portal” Organization, the MSP Portal is displayed, with high-level status information for each organization the Dashboard admin has been granted access. In the example screenshot below, the MSP Portal displays Organization-level information for 111 unique customers. This would represent the view for an MSP leveraging an “Organization per customer” model (Review Determining Organizational Structure for more information). An admin can then dig into any one customer organization by selecting the desired organization from the displayed list.

Alternatively, an administrator can bypass the MSP Portal, and dive directly into any one customer organization, by selecting a specific Organization — other than the “MSP Portal” — from the Organization dropdown at the top-left of Dashboard. By selecting an individual organization, all networks within the selected Organization will be available via the Network dropdown.


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