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Setup Trail

Setup Trail

Network Configuration

Meraki offers a zero-touch deployment model, allowing partners to offer rapid deployment through automated hardware provisioning. There are several Dashboard features, in particular, that are designed for highly scaled deployments which are typically standardized across all sites.

Network Configuration Cloning

At time of network creation, administrators are given the option to Clone from existing network. This powerful feature allows for cloning of all network settings from an existing network to the new network being created. To use this capability, choose the option Clone from existing network when prompted: 

Meraki Documentation

Configuration Sync (MR/MX Only)

Sometimes it is convenient or necessary to copy configurations from one network to another. If an Organization has multiple networks, it is possible to copy an existing MX or MR network configuration to another network. For MXs in particular, the traffic shaping and content/security filtering settings can be copied.

 Note: Configuration Sync cannot be performed with a combined network

Meraki Documentation



Configuration templates allows many Cisco Meraki devices to be deployed following a single base configuration. This not only makes it easier and quicker to roll-out new sites/users, but also to maintain consistency across each site’s configuration. This feature is most valuable in cases where a large number of sites exist that share a common network design — such as a retail deployment with many stores, or a large number of home users with Z1s connecting to a corporate network over VPN.

Sites as part of a template can have exceptions to the base configuration, and devices that need to be treated differently, can still be bound to a template. It is, however, important to note that not all settings can be changed on a site bound to a template. See Meraki Documentation for more information:

Switch Cloning

Switch cloning provides a quick and easy way to copy configuration settings from one source switch to one or more same model switches in the network. This powerful tool is suitable for both one-to-one and one-to-many switch configuration cloning. It is designed to copy port-level, and some switch-level configuration settings from a source switch to another switch of the same model. See Meraki Documentation for more detail: 
 This is similar to the action of copying and pasting running configuration on a command-line based enterprise switch.


Dashboard API

Meraki offers the Meraki Dashboard API – a modern, RESTful API using HTTPS for transport and JSON for object serialization. To learn more please see our API documentation.

API Docs

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