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Determining Organizational Structure

Carefully determining a Dashboard organizational structure for your managed service customers is important, as there are several meaningful consequences for each type of structure.

There are two common scenarios for a Meraki partner offering managed services, and the type of solution or service being offered can help determine the recommended organizational structure:

Sell-Through Managed Service
Sell-To Managed Service (i.e. Network-as-a-Service)
Any service offered by a partner that shares control of customer-owned Meraki equipment and manages the network and IT.


  • End customer holds title
  • Provider typically grants management access to end customer

Recommended organizational structure

Organization-per-customer (see Diagram 1 below)

Customer Profile



Any service offered by a partner organization that provides IT and network connectivity as a service, and typically includes the hardware.


  • Customer leases Meraki hardware equipment, Partner holds title
  • Provider does not grant management access outside of provider organization


  • ISP-provided WLAN/LAN connectivity
  • Fully managed guest access network

Recommended organizational structure

Single organization (many-to-one) if base standardized service for all customers (Diagram 2 below)

Multi-organization (Org-per-customer) if utilizing SD-WAN feature set (Diagram 1 below)

Figure 1: Organization per customer (one-to-one)

Figure 2: Network as a Service Structure (many-to-one)

Note: SD-WAN based service offerings require a multi-organization structure (organization-per-customer).

It is also possible to have a hybrid structure — where certain customers have their own organization, while all others are grouped into a single organization (a combination of Figure 1 and Figure 2). An MSP may choose this hybrid structure, for example, in cases where only a small subset of customers have more customized service requirements, or leverage SD-WAN services (e.g., Auto-VPN).

Additional details are available via product documentation: Meraki Dashboard Organization Structure

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