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Setup Trail

Setup Trail

Best Practices

When creating new networks and organizations as an MSP, there are some best practices that increase the ease of management and prevent scalability problems as the service grows.

  • Clone new customer organizations from an existing organization to preserve MSP specific features
    • Some settings, such as branding or EoGRE, must be enabled by Support. Cloning from an organization that already has these features will prevent an extra call to Support as the MSP specific features are retained during the cloning process.
    • Please see the linked article for information on what settings are carried over during the cloning process
  • Create networks and organizations using a generic shared address, such as
    • Multiple admins can easily access and share this account
    • As admins change, the account remains the same
    • This account can be tied to a mailer list to ensure that, in the event of an alert or licensing issue, multiple parties are notified
    • Additional admins can still be added with their own e-mails, after creation is done using the generic account
  • Create separate organizations for each customer/company, since each organization will share the following across its networks/devices:

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