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Setup Trail

Setup Trail

About the MSP Portal

Some features of Dashboard are applied across the entire Dashboard Organization. This may not be ideal for MSPs who administer the network infrastructure of separate business entities. As a best practice, an MSP may wish to create individual Dashboard accounts for each company they manage (“Organization per customer” as referred to in Determining Organizational Structure). 

To aid MSPs in the management of multiple customer organizations, Dashboard provides the MSP Portal, which allows an admin to view and access multiple organizations from a single screen, with a single set of credentials.

MSP Portal functionality will automatically be enabled for any dashboard user account with access to multiple organizations (requires same email/password credentials).

Multi-Organization MSP Features

  • Organization selection dropdown:
    • Displayed in the top-left corner of dashboard, next to the network dropdown
    • Allows MSP admin quick navigation between different organizations (i.e., customers)
    • Display organizations containing at least one network (even those with zero devices)
  • MSP Portal:
    • Accessible from the organization selection dropdown (“MSP Portal”)
    • Displays high level status information for each organization for which MSP admin has been granted access — including licensing state, count of device types and status, and number of open Meraki Support tickets.


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