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Services Trail

PCI Compliance Auditing

Secure your customer’s data with ongoing PCI auditing

What are you offering? Proactive PCI compliance checking and auditing of network configuration  
How do you charge for this?
  • Monthly a-la-carte charge on top of MSP pricing
    • Additional charge for PCI compliance remediation consultation
  • Inclusive in premium package MSP pricing
  • Pay per-site or per-wireless network
What resources do you need to sell this?
Why is this valuable?
  • Proactive compliance auditing provides security peace of mind to customers processing credit card transactions
  • Customer’s Quality Security Assessor (QSA) can review PCI compliance report upon request


Build PCI compliance services that align to your customer’s desired business outcomes

Meraki Dashboard enables a variety of audit planning tools for your customers that handle credit card data. Provide PCI compliance time-saving peace of mind with your customers.



Protecting customer data is of the utmost importance to retailers. Ensure for your customers the network configuration remains PCI compliant through monthly reports

  • Include as no-cost/low-cost differentiator
  • Per-site “PoC + Asset tracking” pay structure

Wrap PCI network compliance monitoring with other security Meraki services to provide an all-in-one network security service offering to independent hotels and small chains. 

Get Creative!

Break down your core value to customers and then dig into which aspects of Dashboard you can monetize and structure around PCI monitoring services!