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Network Health Reporting

Identify the most important aspects of your customer’s Network, keep them constantly updated

What are you offering? Collaborate with your customers to identify their highest impact network configurations and send them weekly/monthly reports providing them visibility into them (i.e. monthly cable testing)
How do you charge for this?
  • Monthly a-la-carte charge on top of MSP pricing
  • Inclusive in premium package MSP pricing
  • Pay per architecture or site
What resources do you need to sell this?
Why is this valuable?
  • Customized and consultative customer engagement
  • Non-rival cost once reporting has been set-up
  • Proactive customer engagement creates incredible stickiness in accounts


Utilize Dashboard’s user and network insights to actively engage customers.

Once upon a time networks were a “set and forget” asset. They are now a business critical resource that requires constant monitoring and insight.


K-12 / Primary School

Weekly/monthly Network Health Reports allow for insight into student network consumption and identifies bandwidth trends, including: Bandwidth abusers, high-consumption applications, bottleneck events, and many more.

  • Include as part of “premium” MS
  • Include as a la carte option for MS

Connected device/Connected factories are requiring a new level of SLA to ensure there is no downtime and that all devices are running as efficiently as possible. Run port based packet captures with no additional 3rd party tools to re-frame what network performance is.

  • Per port monthly packet capture reporting
  • Include as a premium/ a la carte options as well
Get Creative!

Break down your core value to customers and then dig into which aspects of Dashboard you can monetize and structure Network Health Reporting services around!

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