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Services Trail

Device Inventory and Management

Track, secure, and manage customer devices as part of your Managed Services

What are you offering? Full service device management/inventory for all of your customers connected/mobile devices
How do you charge for this?
  • Monthly a-la-carte charge on top of MSP pricing
  • Inclusive in premium package MSP pricing
  • Per device cost
  • Per feature (ie app management, device location, device security)
What resources do you need to sell this?
Why is this valuable?
  • Customer devices constitute both a large portion of their IT spend and security challenges
  • Create a full suite Managed Offering that represents a closed loop customer system


Meraki Systems Manager is Dashboard native solution to all of your device management challenges

Expand your managed service offer beyond the traditional network without ever leaving the comfy confines of Dashboard



Mobile devices represent some of the biggest threats to security out there today. This is a priority for all orgs, but some industries place an even greater emphasis on security than others, such as finance. Utilize Security Policies in Systems Manager to enable “Device Security as as Service” all from the comfort of Dashboard.

  • Include as part of “premium” Managed service (Verticalized or non)
  • Include as a price per device/per network

POS on tablets/smartphones has grown quickly and will continue that trend in the coming years. This means more mobile devices tied into POS systems, potentially representing huge financial outlay and potential security risks. Turn Meraki’s geofencing into a standard service for all of your retail customers.

  • Include as part of “premium” Managed service
  • Include as a price per device/price per network
Get Creative!

Break down your core value to customers and then dig into which aspects of Dashboard you can monetize and structure Device Inventory and Management services around!

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