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Endpoint Asset Tracking

Endpoint Asset Tracking as a Service 

What are you offering? Track and provide geofence alerts for valuable customer endpoint devices. Manage remediation procedure when an asset violates approved geographic parameters.
How do you charge for this?
  • Monthly a-la-carte charge on top of MSP pricing
  • Inclusive in premium package MSP pricing
  • Inclusive of “endpoint management” MSP package
  • Pay per-device, or per network (up to specified number of devices)
What resources do you need to sell this?
Why is this valuable?
  • Mobile devices are increasingly utilized in business and education to deliver content and enhance the user experience. Securing POS tablets and other mobile devices across geographically dispersed organizations can be a challenge. Protecting these valuable assets is not only fiscally prudent, but can ensure business critical devices stay online.


Build Endpoint Asset Tracking services that align to your customer’s desired business outcomes

Systems Manager enables a variety of asset management tools for your customers’ endpoint clients. Protect corporate resources to maintain productivity, and safeguard sensitive corporate data.



Retailers rely on POS tablets being utilized by both employees and customers alike. Provide asset protection for business critical devices, and peace of mind for retailers providing tablets for customer use.

K-12 / Education  

Schools increasingly provide student learning devices for enhanced engagement — including iPads, Chromebooks, PCs, and Mac computers. Protect device integrity by alerting clients when a device is removed from campus. 

Get Creative!

Break down your core value to customers and then dig into which aspects of Dashboard you can monetize and structure around Endpoint Asset Tracking services!