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Services Trail

Admin Change Log Audit Management

Change Log Auditing as a Service

What are you offering? Collect and manage network change logs for jointly managed customer organizations. Easily identify network administrator changes, and offer rollback service to revert back to the last stable configuration.
How do you charge for this?
  • Monthly a-la-carte charge on top of MSP pricing (e.g., Logs/Rollback for 90 days, weekly/monthly report of configuration changes)
  • Inclusive in premium package MSP pricing
What resources do you need to sell this?
  • CMNO/NOC engineer to pull and report on Meraki organization Change Log.
  • CMNO/NOC engineer to revert configuration back to preferred setting.
Why is this valuable?
  • As networks evolve and become more distributed, the value of proper change log management is ever more important. Change log auditing and management can create a number of operational efficiencies, including debugging performance issues, and troubleshooting support cases.


Build Admin Audit Logging services that align to your customer’s desired business outcomes.

Small changes can have big business impacts. Quickly identify and remediate admin errors by properly monitoring and leveraging an organization’s Change Log.



Configuration change errors result in downtime and lost revenue. Provide assurance that admin changes are logged, and rollback options can be quickly implemented to restore business services.


Hospitality chains can be a tangled web of misaligned settings across locations managed by disparate administrators. Ensure the customer experience is never compromised by configuration change mistakes.

Get Creative!

Break down your core value to customers and then dig into which aspects of Dashboard you can monetize and structure around Admin Audit Logging services!