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Clock Signal Component Issue

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In November 2016 we discovered a component issue that affects two Cisco Meraki product lines. The clock signal component in question is widely used in the networking industry, including in the Meraki MX84 security appliance and MS350 switch line.

We expect product failures to increase over the years, beginning after the unit has been in operation for approximately 18 months. As a result, we are taking immediate action to proactively replace affected products before customers experience a failure related to this issue.

The component problem has been assessed and a remedy has been developed. Meraki is building an inventory of MX84s and MS350s unaffected by this issue to enable replacement of at-risk units for our customers at the earliest opportunity. Meraki is now shipping only units unaffected by the issue.

We are reaching out directly to all customers with affected units. In order to manage replacements equitably, units will be replaced in the order in which they first connected to the Meraki cloud, and customers will be contacted when replacement units are ready to ship.



What is the issue?

One of our component suppliers informed us of a problem with the clock signalling component used in our MS350 switch line and MX84 security appliance. This problem results in system-impacting failures beginning after approximately 18 months in operation.

What models are affected?

All MX84s and MS350s are affected. Customers with affected units will be directly notified.

Does Meraki have a plan to deal with this?

Meraki is already shipping units unaffected by this issue and a proactive replacement program has begun for customers with affected models. This program is offered in addition to Meraki’s standard lifetime hardware warranty covering all MS350 and MX84 units.

How do I get my affected unit replaced?

Meraki will reach out to customers via email and on the dashboard to arrange replacement and the return of affected units.

Will my MX84 or MS350 fail before it’s replaced?

Units are highly unlikely to fail as a result of this issue before they are proactively replaced. Meraki will be making every effort to reach out to all impacted customers once replacement units are ready to ship. Any customer experiencing a defective unit, for any reason, should follow the standard Meraki RMA process to have that unit replaced as soon as possible.

My organization operates 24×7. How do I minimize disruption?

Customers impacted by this issue will have unaffected hardware shipped to them at no cost. A grace period will then apply to at-risk units, allowing customers to schedule hardware swap-out for a time which causes minimal disruption. Customers can take advantage of Meraki features which can reduce service impact to a matter of seconds, and guidance will be provided on how to use these tools.

How do I know if I have defective products?

Customers with defective units will be notified in the Meraki dashboard. Further customer-specific details can be found by navigating to Help / Replacement info.

What should I do now?

Meraki is building inventory as fast as possible to enable replacement of impacted units and will contact customers directly when units are available. No prior action is required on behalf of the customer.

What is the RMA process?

When replacement units are ready, customers will be notified and should navigate to Help / Replacement info in their dashboard for next steps.

I also have other Cisco products. How will I know if these are also impacted?

Please refer to Cisco’s communication relating to other Cisco products: