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Talking APIs on the latest episode of Meraki Unboxed

Network management is evolving thanks to increasingly powerful Meraki APIs

A couple of months ago we launched our podcast, Meraki Unboxed, where we discuss topics relating to the Cisco Meraki business and our technology.

The latest episode is a great listen for anyone looking to learn more about the ways in which IT infrastructure management and other business applications are steadily converging thanks to APIs. This approach is developing all the time, offering new opportunities in operational efficiency and customer engagement, so we had plenty to talk about on the show.

Whether you’re a network administrator looking to evolve your career, or a business owner seeking new ways to build loyalty in customers with digital transformation, there’ll be something of interest here.

Subscribing to the podcast is the best way to enjoy some great discussions at a time and place that suits you. Just search for ‘Meraki Unboxed’ in your favorite podcast app.

A link to the API episode is below. Let us know what you think! Oh, and if you’d like to take the next step on your API journey, we’ve got an in-depth webinar coming up soon. Click here to sign-up.