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Spotlight: Meraki Switch Promo

An inside look into the switch promo program and attendee responses.

Over the past several months, the Meraki team has been experimenting with new ways to spread awareness of our ground-breaking range of cloud-managed switches. These do so much more than your typical switch and we want to get the word out. In the age of smart devices and evolving technologies, you deserve to have switches that work harder for you.

One of the more public methods was to give away a free Meraki 8-port switch, just for attending a switch focused webinar, replicating what we’re currently doing for our standard webinar series that provide a free Meraki AP to attendees.

We knew we wanted to make these sessions different from our typical switch webinars and reveal all of the benefits that are under the hood, so we took numerous switches from their boxes to full configuration with authenticating clients, all in less than an hour.

We had record attendances at these sessions, sparking interest and receiving some great feedback. One of the attendees, James Loker-Steele, Systems Administrator at Abilia, joined the session familiar with Cisco command line interface and slightly uncertain of what to expect from a cloud offering. “I’m not impressed by much in the technology world when it comes to cloud and I am ever skeptical when it comes to security and trusting your network to an outside source,” James explained. “Meraki though, really impressed me.”

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 15.11.03James Loker-Steele’s LinkedIn post summarizing his experiencing receiving the free Meraki switch and AP.

During the webinar, we configured the switches to handle mission critical services such as VoIP, performed wired authentication, and locked down ports during non-business hours. To save time, we started by configured a single switch and then, in the span of just a few mouse clicks in the dashboard, cloned those configurations to new switches. We then used the deep visibility in the dashboard to identify problem clients, perform remote troubleshooting, and set automatic alerts.

“After watching the webinar and asking a few questions, I was like a kid waiting for his birthday to get a new toy to play with,” said James. Upon receiving the switch, James found that setting it up was just as simple as it had been in the webinar and within minutes he was “translating theoretical scenarios to real world, on-site configurations.”

James went on to also receive a free Meraki AP for attending a standard webinar. “Within 10 minutes, I had the device hooked up to our system and serving guests and authenticated RADIUS clients,” said James. “WOW is all I can say to that.” With offices in three countries, James saw the potential of the Meraki solution and used the free trial program to test more devices. His company is now beginning to replace all hardware with Meraki.

“The webinar was a great way to be introduced to Meraki, and receiving the switch allowed me to put some of what I’d seen in the webinar into actual physical practice,” said James. “If you haven’t heard of Meraki or were skeptical, now is the time to move to cloud-based infrastructure.”

It’s been exciting to hear from attendees who have received the free switches and to hear what they’re doing with the devices. Overall it’s been a great success and has led to attendees taking advantage of our free trial program and testing our products on a grander scale. At the end of the day, our goal is to make the lives of our customers easier by providing them with simple to use, powerful networking equipment.

Keep an eye out for upcoming webinars and be sure to take advantage of our free trial program!