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Support Spotlight: Dominick

Meet Dom, former Cisco Meraki intern turned full-time Technical Support Engineer.

Our Support team works 24/7 to answer questions across all product lines and to troubleshoot with customers around the world. We chatted with Dom, one of our Technical Support Engineers (TSEs), about how he came to work at Cisco Meraki, and why he enjoys tackling complex problems to help users resolve their most pressing networking concerns.

A Brooklyn native, Dom recently graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in Information Security and Forensics, and a minor in Literature. Drawing on his education and past professional networking experience, Dom interviewed for a summer internship with the Cisco Meraki Support team and aced the technical tests. After three months as an intern, the team was excited to offer him a full-time position.

As a TSE, Dom helps customers solve any and all problems they may be experiencing with their networks, via incoming email and phone cases. Like all of our Technical Support team members, Dom is armed with a strong networking background, is well-versed in all Cisco Meraki products, and possesses a keen aptitude for problem-solving. He works with customers and other members of  the Cisco Meraki team, including developers, product managers, and sales representatives, every day to ensure that end users have the best possible product experience.

Dom attributes his knack for networking and troubleshooting prowess to his gaming background. In the heat of spirited competition, his computer would break quite frequently, so he quickly became an expert at fixing it. He later turned this knowledge into profitable use by operating a one-man computer repair service in his hometown, allowing him to continue learning and to hone his technical agility.

Speaking with customers in deployment settings that range from educational institutions to small businesses to luxury resorts, Dom gets the opportunity to see different ways in which people are using Cisco Meraki products to meet their organizations’ varying needs. Dom and the Support team have a wide variety of troubleshooting experience under their belts, from working with customers with a single access point in a home office to helping large enterprises implement reliable mobile device management.

Dom enjoys the unpredictable nature of his job, as he is intellectually engaged and kept on his toes throughout the day. “There’s no script in support. You have to use your brain and and apply your knowledge to new situations all the time. You never know who’s going to be on the other end of a call, what they’re going to say, and how they’re going to say it. One of the most valuable things you learn here as a TSE is how to be tactful and patient with people, and that extends to many other aspects of life.”

When asked to describe his favorite part of being a Cisco Meraki TSE, Dom narrows it down to the feeling he gets after helping a customer. “Do you watch Suits? You know how Harvey is the greatest “closer”? That’s what I want to be, and it’s the feeling I get when I solve a customer’s problem and close a case. It’s very rewarding to help someone and to be able to relieve their distress.”

To chat with Dom or another member of our wonderful Support team, visit the Help section in Dashboard. From here, you can choose to submit a case via email, or give us a call with your Cisco Meraki customer number ready. This number routes your information to the appropriate TSE, or the one we believe best suited to assist with your case.

Dom also credits much of his job satisfaction to the upbeat office environment and team spirit among coworkers. Looking around, he notes, ”You can tell people like to work here, and a good feeling like that is contagious.” When he’s not closing cases, Dom is a fan of fitness and literature. “If I read a book and go to the gym every day, I’m the happiest person in the world.”

Looking back, Dom recalls the decision to accept his job offer and become a full-fledged member of Support as being an easy one to make. “I learned more about networking in my three months as an intern at Meraki than in my four years at school, so I was definitely excited to come back and keep learning.”

Does Dom’s story sound exciting? Good news – we’re hiring! Feel free to visit to check out current openings.