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802.11ac on the Galaxy S IV

As you’re probably aware, the Samsung Galaxy S IV launched yesterday. While the blogs pick it apart, we noticed something near and dear to our hearts: yes, Virginia, it will have 802.11ac. Thanks to an intrepid journalist in China (click at your own risk) we even have a teardown of its internals.

I spent some timepoking around, looking for what chipset it used for WiFi, to see if it was the Broadcom BCM 4335 that some reports had indicated. Unfortunately, the only Broadcom chip photographed was a 4752 which is used for GPS. There’s also a Qualcomm “ESC6270” but I think that’s a version of the Gobi QSC6270 3G modem. So, the search continues for the first chipset vendor to ship 802.11ac on a mainstream phone…2

(1) Ok, way too much time.
(2) Anyone who wants to send me my very own HTC One or SGS 4 so I can perform my own teardown – well, go ahead.