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We Worry About Security So You Don’t Have To

Security concerns are so often top of mind for networking and cloud services in general. We’ve built our cloud-based networks with a focus on security since the beginning, and recently Gartner rated Meraki as “Promising” in the 2011 MarketScope for Wireless LAN Intrusion Prevention Systems:

This MarketScope analyzes the performance of vendors that have focused on the WLAN IPS market from the second half of 2010 through the first half of 2011. Gartner’s evaluation is based on (in order of importance) continuing discussions with Gartner clients that are using and evaluating these products, survey responses from the vendors, and interviews with reference customers that were provided by the vendors. The ratings shown quantify Gartner’s opinions of each vendor’s performance in the market and should be used as just one input in your buying decisions.

Gartner “MarketScope for Wireless LAN Intrusion Prevention Systems,” John Girard, John Pescatore, and Tim Zimmerman, July 12, 2011.

Beyond protecting your network using WIPS tools, don’t forget you can bolster the overall security of your wireless networks today by using some of the security features below. Just check a box to enable:

Account security tools

Account security tools

These tools supplement other built-in security features, such as the stateful policy firewall and https / secure connections, and they’re completely integrated into our cloud-based architecture. That architecture also enables features that aren’t possible with traditional architectures, such as daily third-party security audits of our SAS 70 Type II hosted infrastructure.

Using these features, Meraki customers can easily maintain secure wireless environments in security-conscious deployments, for example in retail, healthcare, or financial services.

Leading furniture retailer Design Within Reach recently deployed Meraki’s Cloud Networking solution across its 47 retail stores, warehouses, and headquarters. The deployment succeeded in preparing the network for iPads and guest WiFi, while maintaining security standards necessary in a retail environment. “While DWR extends connectivity to our customers, we must maintain strict PCI compliance,” said Roger Mueller, Director of I.T. at Design Within Reach. “Meraki gives us powerful new tools to provide the security, capacity, and management that we need in a premium retail environment.”

Design Within Reach MyDeco application

Design Within Reach MyDeco application

Read the case study to learn more about how Design Within Reach uses wireless to increase customer engagement.